The people-est person you ever did meet.

I come from a big family and a good ol Kansas town (#TopCityForevaaaa). I love both more than I can say.

My family taught me to work hard and love harder. They taught me that kindness is powerful and that people matter. I’ve been invested in the stories surrounding me for as long as I can remember. It’s exactly why I’m already invested in yours.

If my personality were a punctuation...

… it would absolutely be an exclamation point. I’m going to do my very, very best to limit my exclamation points here. But please know that this is extremely hard for me because I am a very !!!!!! kinda gal. I just don’t think a minute should go by without living your best life. (Hence all the photos of people doing just that #GetBusyLiving.)

And yet. For a girl who keeps talking about how fun she is, I sure do cry a lot. I genuinely tear up when I’m editing photos, seeing the moments we’ve captured. I’ve been known to shed a few walking into your home or my studio to photograph your first moments with the brand new little life you created. I see life as an opportunity for connection. Feelings = connection. I’m very connected.

a woman with 6 kids all smiling at the camera outside
woman with her husband holding 2 dogs in a field
large family smiling at the camera at the lake
Woman with 7 boys in a field playing
Family holding each other in a field
Mom holding baby with husband at sunset in the mountains

“So how are you so good with kids?” Two words: Six. Nephews**.

** And a Mama of now THREEEEE kids. I’ve had a baby on my hip since I was a babe myself. My entire upbringing was training for this work. Both learning how to keep kids engaged and the desire to save memories of when they’re little.

I want my life preserved in photographs so everyone I love can see the bond that always existed—20, 30, 40 years from now.