Fresh 48 Session

Walking into a room with a new baby is like Christmas and tacos and puppy breath and sunsets all wrapped up into one. That precious feeling is what I live for. Don’t tell anyone else, but if brand new babies were the only thing I ever photographed again, I wouldn’t be mad.

Because that feeling, that room, is so unbelievably precious, I make these seshs super quick. I come in, hug your neck, capture all that goodness in a zillion photos and then see myself out so you can bask in the Christmas/taco/puppy breath/sunset glory. You’ll get a minimum of 50 fully edited photos (all the rights to print, post, etc!) within 3 weeks of the shoot!

Pricing starts at $650.00 *CURRENTLY ON HOLD*

Newborn Session

I love the unknown of life with a newborn. It’s like every minute you spend together is a surprise. Every face wrinkle and noise is new. It’s falling in love again and again. And that’s what I capture in my newborn sessions: all this newness and life changing joy.

They take a little time because #newborns. We break for all the snuggles and feeding your babe may need. This sesh is meant to capture you in your element as you find your groove as a family. Your job is to be there, fully present with this little life you created- my job is to work my baby magic and capture it ALLLLL. I want parents, siblings, and all furry friends (OH HECK YES let them join!) to jump in.

I got you covered with personalized access to a styling site for outfit coordination with the option to get your hands on ANY dress/shirt in my client closet for the parents (eliminating the stress of finding something to wear, I've got options for YOU!). Slowly adding more pieces to a Kiddos Client Closet for the siblings. And duhhhh, alllll the newborn goodies are yours to borrow- swaddles, outfits, blankets, head pieces, etc.!

You’ll get a minimum of 50 fully edited digital photos (all the rights to print, post, etc!) within 3 weeks of the session! I
Pricing starts at $725.00

Maternity Session

Is there anything more beautifully badass than a pregnant mama? A maternity sesh is all about you and celebrating this little life you’re growing. It’s magical and miraculous and I want to make sure you have photos that document this incredible and brief season.

I recommend doing these at 7 months (5-6 for mamas of multiples!). We’ll dress you up (or keep it casual!) and make you feel like the goddess you are. Outdoors sessions happen at sunset! Studio sessions are done mid morning! Have another indoor idea?! Let’s get creative. Spouses, siblings, and furry friends are absolutely more than welcome to join in on lovin' on that bump.

You’ll get a minimum of 50 fully edited digital photos (all the rights to print, post, etc!) within 3 weeks of the shoot. Same as the newborn session, you get your own personalized access to a styling site to help with outfits andddd the option for ANY dress in my client closet. We rock styling together and the final images will be pure freaking gold.

Pricing starts at $625.00

Parents hands holding newborn baby girl

The Grubbs Family

"Hands down the best photographer! Angela is simply amazing. She was fabulous to work with and captured our family so beautifully. She was energetic, professional, and timely. She was so great and creative with our toddler to be able to capture such great pictures. Cannot recommend Angela enough!"

Dad holding newborn baby with small child kissing him

The O'Neill Family

"Angela was an absolute dream to work with. She took our photos in our home and arrived on time with tons of outfit options for me and our little man. Everyone in the family felt completely at ease with her which made getting photos with our often shy almost 3 year old a breeze. The whole session was super fun and I can't wait for another opportunity to work with her again!"

Mom holding newborn baby at a window in a long white dress

The Moore Family

"Angela did a phenomenal job capturing photos of our newborn. She was on time, professional, and so warm and welcoming. She not only brought clothes from her client closet (huge relief for a new mom who was unsure what would look best post partum), she also advised outfits for my husband and baby. She was very personable and incredibly talented-the photos turned out beautifully! We can't wait to have Angela capture other life events for us!"

Small newborn boy in overalls with Mothers hand holding him

The Veal Family

"Cannot recommend Angela enough! She was incredibly easy to communicate with and quickly booked our session after our son was born. She had clear guidelines and tips which was extremely helpful, especially for first parents. She makes the whole process seamless and even brings wardrobe outfits for your little! She went out of her way to conclude our pups which meant so much to us. She makes taking the shots easy and a fun process! She is phenomenal and goes above and beyond with her work!"