Fresh 48 Session

Walking into a room with a new baby is like Christmas and tacos and puppy breath and sunsets all wrapped up into one. That precious feeling is what I live for. Don’t tell anyone else, but if brand new babies were the only thing I ever photographed again, I wouldn’t be mad.

Because that feeling, that room, is so unbelievably precious, I make these seshs super quick. I come in, hug your neck, capture all that goodness in a zillion photos and then see myself out so you can bask in the Christmas/taco/puppy breath/sunset glory. You’ll get a minimum of 50 fully edited photos (all the rights to print, post, etc!) within 3 weeks of the shoot!

Pricing starts at $400.

Newborn Session

I love the unknown of life with a newborn. It’s like every minute you spend together is a surprise. Every face wrinkle and noise is new. It’s falling in love again and again. And that’s what I capture in my newborn sessions: all this newness and life changing joy.

They take a little time because #newborns. We break for all the snuggles and feeding your babe may need. This sesh is meant to capture you in your element as you find your groove as a family. Your job is to be there, fully present with this little life you created- my job is to work my baby magic and capture it ALLLLL. I want parents, siblings, and all furry friends (OH HECK YES let them join!) to jump in. You’ll get a minimum of 50 fully edited digital photos (all the rights to print, post, etc!) within 3 weeks of the session!

Pricing starts at $550.00

Maternity Session

Is there anything more beautifully badass than a pregnant mama? A maternity sesh is all about you and celebrating this little life you’re growing. It’s magical and miraculous and I want to make sure you have photos that document this incredible and brief season.

I recommend doing these at 7 months (5-6 for mamas of multiples!). We’ll dress you up (or keep it casual!) and make you feel like the goddess you are. Outdoors- we’ll do them at sunset! Have an indoor idea?! Let’s do it!! Spouses, siblings, and furry friends are absolutely more than welcome to join in on lovin' on that bump. You’ll get a minimum of 50 fully edited digital photos (all the rights to print, post, etc!) within 3 weeks of the shoot.

Pricing starts at $475.00

The Pusateris

"Angela is a master of her craft. She made our photo session with our newborn so fun and easy. The fact that she provides outfits for baby AND mom really helps make the whole “what to wear” process so much easier. We would highly recommend her!"


The Yeakels

"If you live in the KC Metro area, Angela is by far the best Professional Photographer we have ever worked with. Her ability to work with our energized toddler and capture the most beautiful pictures we've ever had taken, was beyond impressive and an absolute blast! Usually I am able to pull 3-4 photos after working with someone for a 1-2 hour session, and with Angela, my husband and I loved all of them and are finding it hard to pick out the ones we want to put on the wall because we love them all so much. Definitely recommend Angela Slatten, and we are now customers for life!"


The Bales Family

"Angela is the best! She took our engagement photos and now our maternity photos! She knows how to work her magic behind the camera and is so easy to work with! She knows exactly how to get the best shot and makes you feel so comfortable. She has a way with kiddos too, she captures the real! We will be using her for our newborn photos and I know they will be amazing. We highly recommend her!"