Questions + Answers

• How would you describe your style and sessions?

I am a 100% natural light photographer. I focus on connection, affection, joy, and laughter. I talk and direct during the session when necessary and shut the heck up and snap when you and your loved ones are just being perfectly you. See some of my favorite sessions!

• Are photos included in your session prices?!

Yes. My package prices are all-inclusive. You receive the gallery via email and can download the photos instantly. You get full rights to print and post everythinggg I give you. My galleries are a minimum of 50 images (but typically WAYYYY more than that because I have issues deleting great photos. You’re welcome!). My gallery delivery service does give you the option to print directly from it-making it beyond easy for you to #PrintYoPics.

• When is the best time to take newborn photos?!

I recommend taking newborn photos between 4-14 days after birth.

New mother breastfeeding son on couch in her home

• When is the best time during pregnancy to take maternity photos?!

I recommend 7 months for one baby and 5-6 months for twins/multiples.

• How long would our session be?

My family/maternity sessions are 45 minutes-1 hour. My in home newborn sessions are 1.5-2 hours (totally depends on the baby!). I am EXTREMELY efficient and I know kids- I make it PAINLESS for all parties involved.

• What if my kids are buttheads during the session?!

Every kid is going to have their moment, I get it. I am 100% confident in my experience, my tricks, and my bribes (#GUMMYBEARSARELIFE). I will get the photos. I swear. The biggest and best thing you can do as parents is RELAX, go with the flow, and let me do my thing. I’ve been asked more than once to be the family’s babysitter after a session. I’m that good #HumbleBrag.

• What the heck do we wear?!

Duhhh, I got you! My extensive Client Closet is all yours and included in your session price- everything for Moms, Dads, kiddos, and newborns. Also included, alllll of my clients get access to It’s a styling site that you can buy from directly OR just get inspo from. You can take pics of pieces you already have and add them to pieces you may want to purchase to see what looks good together.

• Do you travel outside the Kansas City area?

At this time, I do not travel further than 15 miles from the 66206 zip code!

• How do I pay you?! Are payment plans offered?!

You can pay through the invoice I send via email (credit card, debit card) orrrr through Venmo (@angelaslatten). Whatever is easiest for you! I am always able to make a payment plan that fits for you!

Family of 5, 2 older kiddos jumping on bed while Mom and Dad hold and look at new baby

• I don’t want my photos shared on social media, is that ok?

1000% yes. You say the words, and they don’t get shared—simple as that.

• Do you offer mini sessions?

I am starting to offer mini sessions quarterly throughout the year. As of now, these are for past clients who have previously invested in me for a full session.

• When should I reach out to book a session with you?

Truly, as soon as you are THINKING about a session. The last thing I want to do is tell you I’m booked!

Newborn being held by new Mom while Dad and two older siblings jump and smile in the crib

• We don’t have a “traditional” family. Will you photograph us?

First, I’m sorry you have to ask this. Second, yes and amen. I am open to any and all types of families—two dads, two moms, no mom, no dad, any color, any size, any shape, ANY dynamic, ten kids, zero kids, 5 dogs. Family is family is family and I will snap WHATEVER your family looks like, in all your wonderful glory.

• I want you to photograph something that isn’t listed on your website, do you do that?!

Reach out! Let me know what you’re wanting and I will see if I am your girl!

• But, I still have more questions! How do I get ahold of you?!